Accessories to accent

Accessories to accent

Color design completes a full circle with eye-catching accessories. They make a difference whether it’s a stool, a rug, pillows, shelf, dresser or just flowers and fruits.


Take a look at the bedroom below. Each décor piece holds its own yet blends in with the one next to it. Think about this – Although the colors are different, the neon pink dotted box offsets the fuchsia pink flowers and the brown vase looks great next to the red-brown lamp base. The white side table is perfect with the lampshade. And then these hues flow through the pillow, again in different shades, enhancing the calming green, grey and white.

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Are dark colors dark?

While Benjamin Moore (BM) announced Simply White as the color of the year 2016, it is already talking about darker color trends much before the year ends. In fact BM’s color of the year 2017 is Shadow, a moody shade of purple and one of the 27 colors trending next year.


With mysterious properties, Shadow seems as though it is meant for those who are not afraid of color changes as per the quality of light flowing into the room.

Lets look at this purple room in the afternoon light.....

….And now at sunset.

Dark colors for a living space have been discussed for a long time and after consistent research over the last few years they have earned their rightful place in our lives.  For example, Sherwin Williams advocated Exclusive Plum for the year 2014 and Pantone launched Marsala in 2015. 

Exclusive Plum

Exclusive Plum


The idea is to create mood and drama with dark colors. They tend to give an impression that one is ready to experiment and go beyond the comfort zone of neutrals.

And the cherry on top is: dark colors make smaller rooms seem bigger, corners feel cozy and private and a not so well lit space, look stunning.  

Using white paint or neutrals in a small room or in a place that lacks light is going to make it look dull and sad. Would this all white bathroom work for you?

BM’s trending color palette is a combination of earthy hues and dark colors. Pair the dark colors with neutrals and you get some attractive matches to suit your style and home. Color trends lend perspective and open up our mind and what matters is picking the color that makes us feel happy, energized and comfortable.

Would you paint dark colors for your room?

The Color Run 2016

While I can’t stop seeing, feeling thinking color, I can’t understand how I missed this amazing opportunity to be part of the Color Run a week ago. I am so disappointed!

That said, when I saw pictures and videos of the happy crowds at the event, I felt exhilarated. Dressed in all white, I imagined myself running into a riot of color and a wave of fun and happiness sweeping over. 

Even so, when I knew that my sister in law, Arshia and nephew, Faiz had participated, I was proud of their achievement.

A rush of vivid color combinations can have a heightened impact on the mind and spirit.  A liberating feeling, well….almost.  Called the “Happiest 5K on the planet”, those who take part have their own reasons to do so. 

What would you run for- to get initiated into running long distance if you are not, party in the midst of dance and music, color love, or just plain curiosity? Whatever your reasons are, you would end up energized and happy.

Either way, the idea of the Color Run is to encourage all of the above and more. But before this, it is first about creating awareness that color makes us happy.  What is awesome about the event is getting bathed in color as you run which intensifies the “happiness” experience. The degree I guess would vary from person to person.

The next Color Run is on 25th March 2017, Abu Dhabi. This time I have put a reminder on my phone. Would you like to join me?

My Spa Special

My experience at The Barai at Hua Hin, Thailand was out of this world. I felt rejuvenated in its natural surroundings and structural beauty of the vast property.

Built to fulfill the personal wellness purpose, The Barai Resort Spa is a sanctum with its luxurious suites and treatment rooms. It was in these treatment rooms, that I felt more special and spoilt. Each day was one of its kinds where a new pair of hands worked towards exclusive care and attention. After the first day, there was more to “The Spa Special” (TSS) that struck me.

As I walked the passage to the Salarai or open pavilions to reach the treatment room, I felt the calm and serenity of the temple like structure under the open sky. The earthy colors gave a sense of being grounded. 

While the dim lighting in the treatment room offset the gold and pinkish red, daylight seeped in through multi colored star- shaped glass pieces set into a wooden door. This visual treat uplifted my mood and I relaxed even more.  I was sensing every moment in that room. The width of the space was more than comfortable for a single person; somehow the tall ceilings added to the mood. I realized that individual space was more important than being alone in a large room. 

The total experience made the Spa special. Not just the treatment but also the right mood created by colors, design, and lighting, most of all its quiet beauty and space.

Let's take a look at the spa at the Hilton Jumeirah, Dubai. Don’t you think it has some things in common with TSS?

Here’s a nondescript treatment place in Deira Dubai. Uncanny how this Ayurvedic massage center makes me feel as though a wave of calmness has swept through.  For sure, it’s those earthy colors and beautiful lighting!

Look at this modern spa in The Address Boulevard, a five star hotel in Dubai. Would this be your private spot for an hour or two?  Does the off white with wood and tall windows create a tranquil ambiance? 

Add the element of luxury to warm colors and perfect lighting and you get the Cleopatra Spa in Wafi Mall Dubai.  Would this work for you?  

Opulence is a feature of some reputed hotels in Dubai. The Rixos Royal Spa below is a work of art yet does it serve the purpose of TSS?


Neutrals and dark wood with orange create an harmonious environment at the Dubai Ladies Club Spa Earthy and vibrant hues together make for a calm and energized effect in this treatment enclave.

Grandiose v/s Unpretentious. What would your Spa choice be?