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…So I met with Shailaja Khan for a tete-a-tete on her world of colors. Says Shailaja Khan, ‘My two passions are my love for people, therefore my journey into HR and my passion for colors…I even color coordinate the food at home and for my visitors.

Shailaja Khan drifted into the interview venue, in a white flowing garment and chunky silver earnings…and I was searching for the color in the outfit when I noticed Shailaja’s red footwear…where the dash of color, made the ensemble complete.

Shailaja’s journey through her career in HR has allowed her to help people have faith in themselves and bring out the wealth of potential which they have safely tucked within themselves. Having had a satisfied HR career, Ms. Shailaja searched within herself and stepped into her next best passion…the passion of her childhood ‘the love for colors’.

Says Shailaja, ‘ I had to also take a step further by involving the insights of Barkha Mahesh who is my social media consultant and who has safely guided me into the digital world of social media. Barkha Mahesh’ initiative has allowed me a safe social media presence and I do my blogs as well, thus increasing my prospects for new clients.

Why colors ? I asked Shailaja and she said, ‘Colors make my world go round…it completes my thought path, it makes my world complete.’

Today Shailaja turns homes and commercial places into a space that is comfortable, energizing and appealing.

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