Accessories to accent

Color design completes a full circle with eye-catching accessories. They make a difference whether it’s a stool, a rug, pillows, shelf, dresser or just flowers and fruits.

Take a look at the bedroom below. Each décor piece holds its own yet blends in with the one next to it. Think about this – Although the colors are different, the neon pink dotted box offsets the fuchsia pink flowers, the brown vase looks great next to the red-brown lamp base and the white side table is perfect with the lampshade. And then these hues flow through the pillow, again in different shades, enhancing the calming green, grey and white. 

A creative harmony, don’t you think the room is “dressed” for cheer before you curl up in the night?

Here are turquoise, brown and white bottles in sizes and shapes with pink roses in the middle to build interest against a bluish grey wall and white console.  Don’t miss the brown frame at some distance making a connection with the brown bottle in the center.

Just love this store display of inimitable accessories. Which one would you pick?

How about black and yellow polka dotted ribbons to accessorize functional stuff? Pretty party boxes draw your attention, but you move in a few seconds to the wonderful composition on white. What do you think of it?

This window accessory will make you curious to find out whose idea it is. Don’t you think it would be brilliant PR for your business?

In the pic below, weathered and moldy pots go well with the imperfect balustrade, and bright red flowers tie in with the doors. Accessories create a magical effect in this beautiful vignette.

I am floored with this dresser and how well it goes with the plate on the wall above. You might want to try decoupage to make your one of a kind decor piece?

What do you think of this up cycled lampshade?

So what does it take to accessorize?

1.        Look at the colors in your home - wall, trim, ceiling, doors, furniture

2.       Imagine these colors fitting in your space

3.       Try out combinations with the items you want to display

4.       Go the DIY route or start picking the items & display them

Can you imagine this couch in your patio?

Simplicity is key. While the pieces should flow harmoniously through your space, don't forget to accentuate them. Here's a no nonsense table design. 

Even so décor items have a story behind them. Do you think this is a DIY project? Does it tell a story?

Do the accessories in your home tell a story?  Would love to hear from you.

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