The Color Run 2016

While I can’t stop seeing, feeling thinking color, I can’t understand how I missed this amazing opportunity to be part of the Color Run a week ago. I am so disappointed!

That said, when I saw pictures and videos of the happy crowds at the event, I felt exhilarated. Dressed in all white, I imagined myself running into a riot of color and a wave of fun and happiness sweeping over. 

Even so, when I knew that my sister in law, Arshia and nephew, Faiz had participated, I was proud of their achievement.

A rush of vivid color combinations can have a heightened impact on the mind and spirit.  A liberating feeling, well….almost.  Called the “Happiest 5K on the planet”, those who take part have their own reasons to do so. 

What would you run for- to get initiated into running long distance if you are not, party in the midst of dance and music, color love, or just plain curiosity? Whatever your reasons are, you would end up energized and happy.

Either way, the idea of the Color Run is to encourage all of the above and more. But before this, it is first about creating awareness that color makes us happy.  What is awesome about the event is getting bathed in color as you run which intensifies the “happiness” experience. The degree I guess would vary from person to person.

The next Color Run is on 25th March 2017, Abu Dhabi. This time I have put a reminder on my phone. Would you like to join me?