My new passion, red with coral

I discovered my new passion for red and coral two weeks ago. Struck by the beauty of this combination in a dupatta (long piece of cloth worn around the head, neck, and shoulders by women from South Asia, typically worn with a long shirt and baggy trousers), I was urged to buy it. My next thought was, “This duo would look stunning in a home!”

What do you think of this chair? Where would you place it?

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Walls in a shade of coral leaning towards neutral, give this bedroom the warmth and cheer while remnants of brightness (if any) are toned with the muted colors of the floor and accessories. I love this bedroom with the pops of red. How about you?

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Reverse the sober bed above to a colorful one like in the pic below. Would you get a good night’s sleep in the beautiful mix of red, coral, blues, beige and gold? I can almost hear you saying, “For sure worth their while!”

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Let’s step away from the living space. In the pic below, the stairs in blue, the sides of the stairway in red and the walls in coral are breathtaking. Would you replicate this palette on a staircase in your home?

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What do you think of this color scheme to make your kitchen bright and energetic? Amazing? Not up your alley?

A living room such as this one turns eclectic with unique yet well-coordinated décor. What do you love about this timeless space?

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Red and coral have a personality that can’t be missed in the midst of white, beige, gray, and shades of blue, gold and even purple. Are you ready to try them out in your home or your workplace? Would love to hear from you!

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