Does your bathtub have to be white?

Have you ever wondered why we lean towards a white bathtub?  Is it because white feels clean? Or is it a safe bet and comfortable? Or do you think it’s just a shower so the color of the tub doesn’t matter?

If the answer to the first question were yes, I would say cleanliness must be maintained or the idea of a great soak is lost.

Do you think a regular white bathtub is the answer to the rest of the questions?

For the moment lets put aside color psychology of white. Would you agree that the bathtub is an important part of the bathroom? I can almost hear you saying yes!  So lets look at bringing some fun and creativity in your bathroom.

How about a colored bathtub in rare design to heighten relaxation and enjoy your baths? If you like neutrals, this gray bathtub might take you away a bit from the standard white.

How about this teal bathtub with dark wood panels behind it for a great outdoor bathing experience?

When these colors are applied indoors, the bathroom is even more appealing in the accessories’ mix. Don't you agree?

Against pretty tiling and wainscoting, this bluish gray bathtub with claw feet and mirrors is the cynosure of all eyes.  I love everything about this bathroom!

Now, this horse trough inspired bathtub blew me away. Can you imagine it in your bathroom with wood flooring?

Here’s a pinkish beige bathtub lending charm to a vintage bathroom. What do you think?

Colorful bathtubs make a strong statement.  When the tub is coordinated with paint color and accessories, the bathroom turns into a personal spa, a desirable getaway in your home.

What colors would you pick for your bathtub? Would you go for a red, purple, black, orange, yellow or green? Would love to know your thoughts.

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