Your home or workplace is unique. Choosing a design style or colors on your own can be daunting. With my keen sense of color and skilled planning, I will turn this experience into a simple and pleasant one, and create an environment you will love being in.

You’ve moved.

It is an exciting new beginning for you. I will pick colors for interior and exterior wall paint, furniture, wallpaper, furnishings, carpets and accessories that suit your needs and personal style. Once this is done, I will work with the painters to get the right paint, supervise the job, shop online or in-store for your décor and put it in place.

You want to upgrade.

Your existing space can do with a makeover. I will enhance your current look by using what you have, transforming old items, adding one or more new pieces and rearranging the décor.

You want a change in one room.

Whether it's a single room in your home, or you’re welcoming a newborn, I can do up the space to meet your needs.