Happiness with Color

March is the month for celebrations – The Hindu festival of Holi, The International Day of Happiness and the Color Run which takes place this weekend in Abu Dhabi.

If two out of these three events are about fun and happiness (and individuality to a certain extent) through the play of color, wouldn’t it be amazing to celebrate not just the International Day of Happiness but also every day with colors that make us happy?

Colors have their own meaning, yet our experience with color is personal. All of us have color preferences and by far we will be happy when surrounded by colors we like. What colors do you like?

How about we start our day with the colors we like to wear.  A happy mood would set us off with a bang. I can imagine the confidence and positivity with which we would tackle situations as they unfold.

The next joyous thing to do is to decorate the desk or office with colors of our choice.  Colors have an energizing quality and just looking at these knick- knacks for 30 seconds will spur us back into action.  What do you think of this?

Would you agree the food we eat must look appetizing? The color of the food we eat needs to be appealing as much as its presentation. Why not pick the colors we like to kick in the initial excitement? However, for ultimate gastronomical delight, there must be a mix of fabulous color coordination, presentation and taste.  Does this whet your appetite?

The day’s share of color happiness ends with the home. After a long day, we need to still be happy, comfortable, relaxed. The little thought, “I am home” as we enter is what matters most. At a fundamental level, the feeling of warmth and peace happens due to the colors we see and feel in our homes.  What colors would you pick from those in the pic below for your kitchen?

Colors that cheer one person, might annoy or sadden another person depending on individual experiences and cultural differences. So pick the colors that make YOU happy.

Create “Every Day of Happiness” with color and enjoy each beautiful moment. Your thoughts?

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