Enhance the outdoors with the inside

It is wonderful to make your home look natural by blending the inside with the outside. You could use natural wood accessories, fruit, vegetable and floral wallpaper in the kitchen or just replicate the colors of the environment like in the pic below.

How about lounging in this room?  Would you enjoy the view from these tall windows?

For the moment, let’s turn the old story to new. Think about enhancing the outdoors with the inside of your home?  Are you ready to give a personality to your home?

To begin with, here are some things to do to make a difference to your living

1.       Identify your home’s architectural style –Is it a modern apartment, an Arabic villa, a modern Arabic villa, a clean lines row house, a Mediterranean style villa, etc.

2.       Where do you live? – Is your home on a busy street or facing the sunny beach? Is it surrounded by a garden, pool or is it a exclusive mansion on a stretch of green and so on

3.       Remind yourself to NOT pick green for your home if the outside is green or blue if your apartment faces the beach.

4.       Identify the colors for your home - Think about your likes, dislikes and personal style. What colors make you calm and comfortable, are energizing and overall give you happiness?

If you were driving past, would you stop by to admire the scenic beauty below? The rich red appears to enhance the lushness and the effect is captivating.

Which of these houses are you tempted to take a peak?  Would you notice the grey one if it was by itself?

Take a look at this charming vignette. While the bright orange table and the ombre rattan chair hold their own, they seem to draw your attention to the surrounding green and clear blue.

The pastel shades of the bedroom below heighten the beauty of the environment. Even so, the greenery has a healing effect on the senses and the hues in the room calm the mind.  Don't you think?

How would you design your home? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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