Blending Vintage with Modern

I love vintage home décor and furniture provided it’s not heavy and in the face. I have always wanted to get some stuff but I felt it would not suit my home. Though my house was old, it looked well maintained with a compact layout and no high ceilings. Nevertheless, there was roominess and warmth. What made me move in were these features plus the large kitchen and a light brown wood and black wrought iron staircase railing with pretty floral carving.

If you’re lucky to have a house with a true old home character or an apartment with an unusual appeal then decorate it in a way that preserves the past and brings out its modern traits.  The outcome? Enhanced warmth.  

Let’s look at this pretty bathroom. Minimalism in neutral colors augments the vintage design on the upper wall. I love everything in this blend of functionality and charm. 

Flip this design concept and you get a small wonder. What do you think of this?

Creating an authentic style by combining vintage and contemporary pieces gives a comfortable and relaxed feeling and makes the home less formal.

Here’s a dining area crafted by matching antique and modern décor.  Don’t you think the bright pink with weathered wood looks stunning?

Think about this. If you want to make a big splash, add vintage decor to your modern space. Take a look at these fascinating pieces that are meant to heighten the warmth and interest in the midst of clean solid lines.

Beaten by time, this large wooden door with elevated planters is out to get your attention and yet the modern design does not make it look out of place.  

This one would be perfect above a cozy kitchen dining table.

Can you imagine these amazing wine glasses on your contemporary dining set?  

Where would these antiques look good? By a corner or side seating in the living room? Or even a hallway area?

How about this arrangement with pops of color in your study?  

I love this buffet in the kitchen; a one of kind exotica that could well become an heirloom. Does it seem like the odd piece in this mix of modern texture, design and color?

Now would you part with this lovely vintage chair or find a place for it in your new home? 

Imagine this group of vintage maps on a gray wall above a sleek light taupe couch.  Do you think the vignette would be complete with a center table made of glass and light gray metal, peach flowers in a taupe vase and a set of gray, beige and peach coffee table books?

Would love to hear from you? What are your ideas about combining the old with the new? 

Kitchen Happiness

My growing years in a small house gave the impression that a kitchen is about a short and sweet countertop, some drawers and shelves, a gas stove, and a small fridge in a corner. Several years later, my mother ensured that our new home had natural light flowing in in all the rooms. She picked a yellow with a hint of ochre for the kitchen that somehow looked brighter through the day.  Although the space was compact, yellow cabinet doors and drawers matched with light brown wooden shelves made it appear warm, comfortable and roomy.

As I entered the kitchen each morning, I felt cheerful. Warmth and coziness were synonymous with this attractive shade of yellow.

Here’s a beautiful thought after my own heart, yet it misses something. How about you?

Good times are created not just with good food and good people but also within a happy environment. So would a yellow kitchen inspire warmth and cheer?

White would work well for a small kitchen. if we then accessorize it with colors of our choice and pretty little things, it will transform into a welcoming space. 

An eclectic style would be amazing for a small kitchen space as well. What do you think?

How about a blue kitchen? Would you like to cook or serve here?

Or would you dare to be different and opt for a grey or a red or even experiment with dark colors like the pic below?

I would love to hear your thoughts. And do take a moment to ponder on this when you pick your color!