The delight of food

I am not a foodie nor do I enjoy cooking everyday. (I can almost hear you saying “Really? No way!”) But here’s the good part - the few times that I cook, I do it with great love and care. Feelings overtake the notion that it is an unending, time-consuming chore.  The second good thing is the joy I experience when I color coordinate the repertoire for family or guests. This is what makes me jump into the process. I organize things quickly and slip into cooking with all my heart and attention.

Color makes food appealing and whets the appetite as against immaculate presentation that makes it look like a piece of art.  For instance, would you try the salad below?

Lana Grass

Or would you go for this one? 

Source unknown,

I think you know what the answer is J.

I would snack on peanuts, butter is welcome anytime and can do jelly on toast before the actual breakfast.  But peanut butter on its own or with jelly is forever on top of my “never to do” list. I would not contemplate it in the hungriest moments.

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich below turned me around. I was drooling in seconds and almost dashed to the kitchen!  No doubt it is a delicious looking shot, yet I can well attribute my change of heart to the power of colors here. 

I believe people finish everything on their plate at A Gianni. This no frills restaurant in Barcelona is well known for its fabulous Italian food.  You want to go for the meal as soon as it arrives; yet you catch a moment to notice the balance of color in every dish on the table. Isn’t that amazing?

The ability to appeal (or not appeal) belongs to colors and how well they are brought together.

Here’s a vendor in India who believes he can sell better than others in his group through a creative display of rice and lentils. What would you do if were passing by and could do with some restocking?

In India, the fantastic flavors of food come from its spices. Spices give flavor, aroma and color to the food. 

You can juggle spices to make red, green or yellow curries -feel the warmth with a red one and freshness with the green. To cheer you up, try yellow. 

This one is for food lovers - Would it matter if your food has no color appeal? I might just try it out some time soon.