Are colors fashionable?

A flying start to my holiday a couple weeks ago was frenzied packing. It was not one but two suitcases (for the first time) for two different trips: one for a getaway in Thailand and another for chilling time, if you like, with family back home.

After ten minutes of staring at the line-up in my wardrobe, I pulled out my new Marsala dresses. I was so happy looking at the color of these dresses that I imagined feeling great when I wear them.

Fashion is contagious. Every time I see trendy outfits or shoes I want them.  Telling myself to be discerning is the only way such compelling moments fizzle out. The rationale behind this is that fashion is about personal style; it’s what makes us feel and look good. And color is integral to this equation.

Colors make your mood. In winter, a pink scarf could lift our spirits.  Don’t you love this attractive shade of pink to brighten up your neutrals?

White is regarded as a color of wholeness and perfection.  Wearing white (or off-white) at official meetings tends to convey a business like approach but also opens a way for creating anything the mind can perceive.  Just the perfect choice for Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s business suit at the recent presidential debate!

Purple is a color of leadership therefore a fabulous option for executive women. 

Via Pinterest,

While rich shades of purple merge with the beauty of fall, Vogue announces mauve and pink, glitter and red as the Fall/Winter trends for 2016-2017.   Gold metallic and shades of tan are New York Fashion Week’s perspectives for some top fall trends this year.  However at the end of the day, trends are just suggestions and whether we follow them is a matter of personal choice.

Would you match up any of these dark lipsticks below with your outfits this season? I would go straight up for the first four from the left. 

Yellow shoes are a hot favorite for any age. I love the striking color combinations here- dark blue black with yellow and electric blue with yellow. The pretty yellow bag caught my eye  as it completes the stylish look.

Via Pinterest /

Via Pinterest/shoes for women over 50

I have fallen in love with this cool fashionista’s sense of style and color coordination. Can’t miss four wonderful shades of blue paired with pale pink and highlighter green and pink! I can imagine teenagers who have flair for fashion would love this casual yet well-turned out gear.

Laura Capon, a fashion and beauty writer talks about teenage fashion in her recent article. Velvet is the trend this winter for older teenagers. They can wear any style in burgundy, pink, nude, tan and black.

Source: Laura Capon/Sugarscape

So it looks like fashion and color is all encompassing this fall and winter 2016.  Now, this makes me even more of an ardent follower of Pantone, my Color Guru. I would be inclined to wear any of the top 10 colors in Pantone’s fashion color report for fall 2016.