Sands of time: A color inspiration

It is a hot day in June and we are driving past the vast stretch of sand along the highway. As we go, deep dunes change color from cream or light beige to red brown in the interior of the country.

The splendor of The Arabian Desert lies in the interplay of colors. In reality, color has no physical existence. It can only exist in the presence of light and our perception of color is about personal experience.

In case you are unfamiliar, I want to share the desert’s beauty through the day and at night and how its resplendence can inspire some awesome color palettes for your living.

Here is the desert on a not so bright day.

Looks like the bedroom below has captured the colors of the calming landscape like magic. I love every single thing in it. The hues, texture and the design detail are arresting. I was never one for pairing black with pale pink, being high contrast colors.  But clever use of the combination here is pleasing to eye.

The desert against the setting sun is a feast for the eyes.  Don’t you love the gorgeous blend of colors?

The outdoor space below reflects the scenic splendor you just saw, in a unique way. Colors flowing from the flowerpots, wooden beams, tiled floor through to the fireplace find their home in the evening sky and desert.

I can imagine the striking blue and beige gold in a moonlit desert inspiring a lifestyle trend.

Do you love this amazing capture of the desert night in the corner below? The best part of this beautiful vignette is that it embraces warmth in spite of its rich blue accent and gold highlights. The refreshing green couch and the white chairs soften the plush appearance as it were forbidding aloofness among people sitting there.

Take a look at this entryway. Conspicuous hints of gold, a textured light brown cabinet, deep blue vase with a widespread plant make a statement in the backdrop of subtle white and grey, and pop of blue on the side. Though the color and design has a purpose, it has a timeless quality like the beauty of the desert at night.

If you are ready to do a color design for your home or office, it is well worth looking at your landscape for inspiration.