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My favorite pair red & purple

My favorite pair red & purple

When I see colors in two’s, red jumps before my eyes with purple. I can almost hear you saying, “Really? Hmmm..  The good news is that the combination is not as rare as I thought; so here I am, all set to show you how the pair creates wonders in our environment.

Let’s start with the greatness of Mother Nature. How would you describe these roses?  Exotic? Breathtaking?

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Some TLC for your room’s sixth side

We have grown up with the impression (presumably) that ceilings must be white. Even so, my daughter who is a product of the millennial generation can’t think any different.

Recently she decided to paint her room white, which meant the ceiling and trim had to be white too. With plain white furniture already in the room and zero texture, I had to contrive.

The floor tiles in her room had a yellow undertone, so my options for white must have a yellow undertone. I picked two options and suggested the lighter off white (my “trust me I am color consultant’ hat was convincing). We went with BM OC-122, Cotton balls. It was an off- white that would appear almost white in her well-lit room. While the bright white ceiling and trim was untouched, I was happy that the overall effect was not dull and boring.

The essence was minimalism yet pops of color made the space livable and warm.

How about this bedroom below?  The walls and ceiling in one color make the room appear larger than it is, enhancing every piece of décor.  What if the ceiling was also white?  I can imagine the eye resting on patches of color and the beauty of the décor and design getting lost in the mix.  

green bedroom.jpg

Tender loving care (TLC) towards the ceiling will create incredible appeal. How about a wooden ceiling, wooden windows and décor combined with white and black….?

….Or a white and wood ceiling coordinated with wooden flooring, staircase and white walls? Don’t you think a variety of texture in this living room makes it more interesting?

Industrial design in coffee shops and restaurants seems to be trending. What do you think of this “dressed-up” white ceiling?

When ceilings are ornate or busy with crown molding, the design elements need to stand out. Here, white would do the job. Of course there are churches, palaces, mosques and museums where you want to stare at those artistic and colorful ceilings forever.

Dark furniture, for instance cherry oak, would work well with white walls and ceiling. On the other hand, what do you think of pleasing pastel color combined with white to bring out the ceiling elements in the hotel below? Don’t miss the marble border above the trim connecting with the pillar so that it is not singled out.

If you want yellow walls, then white would work on the ceiling. In this older home below, don’t you think the white and yellow are well balanced? I love the crown molding on the wall; it takes away any overt attention from the ceiling.

High ceilings create a formal environment in a traditional or modern home. For warmth and coziness, you could have a dark ceiling to lower the room’s height while white walls give largeness to space. Do you think this innovative shophouse in Southeast Asia though expansive, creates warmth?

How about you? What color would you pick for your ceiling?

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Dubai's Journey of Color

Dubai has been my home for 20 years, a city that holds a special place in my heart. It is here that I have achieved a sense of freedom, treasured milestones, and personal successes. There couldn’t be a better reason for me to pay my love and respect to this ever-surprising city through my love for color.

Color is the most basic medium of visual appeal. It transcends into every part of life, in things we eat, play, work or do to just relax with.  

Our association with color in more ways than one is innate and is a reflection of our personality, style and even moods. Unwittingly it gives us a certain character and a means to identify with. And just as it defines us, it defines cities as well.

Dubai has travelled a journey of color that befits the city’s growth over time. When it was established as a city in its own right and started shaping up, houses, buildings and mosques wore variations of neutrals or shades of grey, beige, cream and off-white.

It seemed as if the city was a unified stretch of desert expanse depicting the “Colors of our Land.” The city held its own in these humble yet proud beginnings, and to this day it has not forgotten its roots. And forty-five years later it has evolved to a modern city in the sand. For example, here is the recently opened Four Seasons.

The colors of the city have become just as vibrant as it is. Welcoming warmth and vigor are felt in Dubai’s version of the Box Park of London.

But one also sees creativity, innovation and an attitude of having arrived through the bright red, green, blue and yellow boxes cordoned by a row of colorful pillars and Palm trees. Somewhere a space is intentionally created to house a red croc and pink penguins which seem to break the monotony of sharp design. 

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   At some distance from the Box Park, on a busy avenue, is another colorful feast. One of a kind, the City Walk incites a discovery into its journey of colors while luring you to spend long cool evenings in a variety of cafes and restaurants. And there’s more coming to this big time getaway!


At some distance from the Box Park, on a busy avenue, is another colorful feast. One of a kind, the City Walk incites a discovery into its journey of colors while luring you to spend long cool evenings in a variety of cafes and restaurants. And there’s more coming to this big time getaway!



Fireworks on New Year’s Eve showed a riot of colors, with shades of Marsala thrown in, as if it were honoring Pantone’s choice of color for 2015. 

Yet again in the youthful and energetic colors of modern Dubai, flows stylish elegance. Neutrals are still seen in fine dining restaurants while vivid blues combined with beautiful design depict some of the finest mosques and malls in the city.  In a way, an ever-evolving Dubai is continuously created through experimentation with color. 

Cool blue and green glass buildings are a common feature in a mix of warm pink glass buildings.

Colors go well with the architectural theme of schools, shopping malls and parks. In this innovative style of a kids' nursery here, one can sense the enduring comfort and warmth of colors.

The Ibn Batuta mall, a signature mall, is regionally inspired with a combination of bright colors and modern design in many ways.  

The Starbucks here takes on the regional modern concept of store design while creating a calm respite from the busyness.

Geared towards making an indelible mark on the globe, Dubai’s futuristic vision has anchored itself in myriad expressions of color. It is a city that is a visual delight in the day and at night.