My favorite pair red & purple

When I see colors in two’s, red jumps before my eyes with purple. I can almost hear you saying, “Really? Hmmm..  The good news is that the combination is not as rare as I thought; so here I am, all set to show you how the pair creates wonders in our environment.

Let’s start with the greatness of Mother Nature. How would you describe these roses?  Exotic? Breathtaking?

In a restaurant, red encourages slow dining, enhances feelings of intimacy and activates the appetite. Then it is the ideal color for the lounge bar below. With pops of purple and the right lighting, we have an attractive ambience as well. What do you think?

When purple makes the banquette stand out, the room assumes a unique identity. With deliberate dashes of red, it has a striking appeal.  Yet soon enough the effect gets subdued in the mix of neutrals and we could very well dub the space as sedate but holding its own. Do you agree?

Take a look at the contemporary living area below. Do you think it is comparable to the pic above?  How do the spaces differ? 

Source: Houzz

In contrast, the red and purple décor here makes a bold statement against the neutral background. Can you imagine this in your home?


Source: Houzz

I am amazed at the way this gorgeous duo can lend perspectives to our living. What do you think of this hard-hitting old world charm?  I must admit I was blown away!

The final stroke is an unusual LED lighting product that allows you to choose the colors you want for your exterior.  Looks like purple and red is the perfect choice to make your living bright and fun!

Source: Houzz

LED lighting or not, would you try out purple and red on your exterior? Or would you prefer to use them indoors?

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