Zooming out

If we love the outside of our home we would then be drawn to the inside. Do you agree? For more reasons, the color and design of the home’s exterior must get its due. It’s high time that I turn my step motherly attention to this non-living space that does make first impressions count, like it or not.

In the UAE, I find that exteriors of houses, better known as villas, are matched to the environment. For the expatriate population whether they rent or own a home, the color and design of the exterior and the interior is the builder’s choice. There are some exceptions though where you can buy land and build your own home.

Let’s look at the exterior of some homes. Simple in design and color, this villa is more appealing than most. The builder has picked colors that he/she can’t go wrong with. One look at the house is enough to conclude, “This is good,” (Scratch the surface and you know it’s the feeling of safety and comfort that gets you).  And you move on to survey the inside.

Source: arabianbusiness.com

On the other hand, the exterior below makes us wonder what has gone wrong, in spite of the proverbial neutrals.

Source: JustProperty.com

First off, the colors on the façade don't flow together. Even so, the busy palette adds to the design’s lack of appeal, making it difficult for a prospective tenant to enter the house.  How about you?

Then I see this villa… For sure, it is just another version of the one above!

Source: Dubai Internet Marketing

Let’s stop for a moment here. Rather than going on about how safe color choices could be either right or wrong, I would love to see how color can create interest in the various elements of the exterior.

In this pic, I commend the builder for trying to bring some excitement to the single color on the façade. When you experience your eye resting on the blue glass and the ornate gates, you start to think whether the effort and money was worth its while.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Here’s a sedate mansion but with blue windows. Can you imagine an interesting makeover for this home? 

Source: Heart-Of-City Realty

Light taupe instead of the cream with regular windows, would make the façade more attractive. I would do the window ledge, trim and crown molding in white while the pillars and the inner walls of the arches in red similar to the roof. The final stroke would be to replace the dark gray flooring around the pool with light brown wood.

If you are lucky, you might see a few exteriors that contrast with the environment. I have had the chance to see white facades with blue roofs and must say they look amazing in the context.

What do you think of this one?

Source: Classifieds Emirate of Dubai - Locanto

Moving away from traditional neutrals would be a bold step for the UAE. So what do you think? Exciting or Crazy?  What colors would you like to see on the exterior? Would love to know!

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