Zooming out

Zooming out

I suppose if we love the outside of our home we would be drawn to the inside. For more reasons, the color and design of the home’s exterior must get its due. It’s high time that I turn my step motherly attention to this non-living space that does make first impressions count, like it or not!

In the UAE, I find that exteriors of houses, better known as villas, are matched to the environment. For the expatriate population whether one rents or owns a home, the color and design of the exterior and interior is the builder’s choice. There are some exceptions though where you can buy land and build your own home.

Let’s look at some exterior choices.  Simple in design and color, this villa is more appealing than most. The builder has picked colors that he/she can’t go wrong with. One look at the house is enough to conclude, “This is good” (Scratch the surface and you know it’s the feeling of safety and comfort).  And you move on to survey the inside.

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