Getting ready for my design board

I am all set to work on my design board. And then I thought visualizing the way I want it to go would make this exercise fast and furious (hopefully)!

So I picked color schemes screaming for a makeover, put some gorgeous tile samples together and created a new look. I was excited by the whole idea and here I am taking it on as if it were a live project!

Let's look at Remodel A.  The wood color in this pic is pretty and soothing. Period. Everything else in this space is off. Don’t you agree?

I imagined a harmonious blend of styles to create energy and appeal. My take on this would be to:

1.       Paint the cabinets and wall area in Timid White, BM OC- 39

2. Replace the backsplash with a vintage greenish grey tile

3.   Replace the countertop and island top with a wave patterned marble

4. Replace the invisible floor with stained hardwood planks (An expensive proposition nevertheless).

What do you think of the perspective?

Remodel B is also a kitchen. The cherry oak cabinets look great and then it goes awry.

To set the comfort and balance right, I would first:

1.       Replace the entire backsplash with beige and off-white tiles in check pattern. Don’t you think the rough look would be cool against the wood’s smooth finish?

2.      Replace the countertop with beige marble

With silver appliances, cream and red dinner plates and light beige or off white rectangular marble flooring, the job would be done. How about this?

Remodel C:

The design is functional so I would work on the colors to maintain the spark the simplicity.

The options are:

1.       Paint the wall with White Opulence, BM OC -69

2.      Replace the backsplash with silver and grey mosaic tiles

3. Redo the cabinet in taupe wood

4.     Replace the cabinet top with grey marble 

What do you think of the overall look?

I had fun playing with color and am feeling inspired. How about you?

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