Candles, pendant lights and chandeliers

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought of candles, crossed over to pendant lights and on to chandeliers.  I then began picturing the effect of these light sources.

Candles are meant for a romantic dinner, but there’s no rule here. Family celebrations also are perfect for lighting candles on the dinner table.  It’s all about the mood you want to create.  Whether it’s up, close and personal, or formal.

How about these wine bottles holders for a regular dinner inside or out in the garden?

When you light candles, you can also have your pendant lights on, provided the lighting goes with the mood you desire.  What kind of mood does the lighting below create for you?

Pendant lights can be a visual delight in your home, depending on the architectural style. A vintage pendant light will get your attention and also add warmth to your modern setting. Can you imagine these vintage colander and grater pendant lights in your contemporary kitchen? I love them!

How about pendant lights that look like chandeliers but are far from exotic. Here are some mason jars doing the job. Wouldn’t they look striking in a small, functional kitchen?

I always associated chandeliers to palaces, mansions and state homes with high ceilings. Today, you find versions in modern homes, restaurants, and hotel lobbys. Can you imagine a DIY solar light chandelier for the outdoors?

Take a look at how the opulence of hanging crystal chandeliers can be contained. To make your guests feel special, would you hang this crystal chandelier boxed in by a lampshade in their room?   

Chandeliers enclosed within a birdcage would look amazing above the center table of a less formal contemporary living room.

And this colorful birdcage pendant light would be just right above a white, beige or gray dining area.

birdcage pendant light.jpg

What do you think of industrial sconces for your home office or study?

Here’s a final tribute to the big, bold and glorious and my undying love for red.

I’d love to hear your opinions. Would you consider any of these lighting options in your living space?