My Christmas Special

For various reasons, Christmas has been one of my best times of the year. The lights on the Christmas tree, Santa and “jingle bells” meant happiness and cheer and ushering the New Year with family and friends were moments I cherished.

This is the only occasion when I love seeing the combination of green, red, silver and gold. I realize now that it is the festive feeling that makes these colors look great together. Much as I am drawn to the beauty of Christmas, I am surprised and must admit that I have never owned anything that is a mix of red and green! 

Would you try out any of these color combinations for holiday style?

The colors of Christmas are a one time special - Green represents a time of healing while red stands for renewed strength.  

Today, I want to bring out the charm of red and green in the home, one that is unique to Christmas celebrations for billions of people around the world.

Decorating your home for Christmas should be simple and easy so that you can keep up the holiday spirit. What do you think of these DIY floating candle jars on your center table or dining table?

Now, can you imagine a snowman in the children’s bathroom? For sure, they would wash their hands more often than usual.

What do you think of transparent glass bottles to decorate the entryway…

….And mason jars for the kitchen?

Even so, the thought of gift-wrapping the door or the fridge is exquisite and a visual treat. What do you think of this?

While red, green and glitter is the Christmas tradition, green and grey against wood with pretty lighting can create rustic glam. 

Here’s an awesome idea to spruce up your white kitchen.

With the festive season round the corner, would you decorate your home in the traditional way or create your X’mas special?

Season's greetings! May 2017 bring you peace, health and happiness.