Nature inspired color palettes

Many reasons follow, but the top one why I revel in nature is its breathtaking colors. And these myriad colors are all encompassing; from the sky to the ground and what exists within. 

I see hues hidden within nature’s form and inspiring the most amazing color palettes for our living space.  Let’s take a look at the pic below. The colors of the flowers and stem make a pretty palette.

And here’s how we can transform a wall with these lovely colors.

While flowers seem to be the ideal color inspiration, a dead branch and its surroundings can be just as good to create an eye-catching décor piece.  What do you think of the pop of green in the arrangement?

And here again, we see great color inspiration from a mold gathering bark against a blue sky and greenery below. 

The bedroom with warm colors does capture a part of this palette, but given a chance to use some more colors the results might be stunning.

Can you imagine warm dark green cushions on the bed and a pale sea green for the throw and base of both lampshades?

I would also go for a much lighter shade of brown for the bed, side tables and the couch to match the wall colors, change the white bed linen to cream and take off the brown bolster and blanket.

A patina’s beauty can’t be ignored. Below, this old weather beaten door has a pretty color palette of warm neutrals and lighter greens.


In this light contemporary living room or outdoors, the colors of the patina are energizing with a fresh appeal.  Even so, the basic gray couch is forgotten as the touches of pink and deep yellow get more than their share of attention.

Just as well, the palette is enhanced in this garden design. Pink and yellow mingled in the door, plants and pathway, add to the artistry.



I see the peacock’s color palette as bold and striking. If used appropriately it can convert any ordinary space into an outstanding one. 

Take a look at this eclectic corner place. Don’t you love everything here?

The darker colors of nature can do their own trick. When berries are teamed together, you see a rare palette of bright, dark and light hues.

At Matador Room, The Miami Beach EDITION restaurant, the colors of summer berries produce a moody yet stimulating ambience for those seated at this row of tables.

Nature’s color phenomena will continue to enthrall us. What is your favorite nature inspired color palette? Would you pick these colors for your living space?