Just Pink or Blue ?

In the early 2000s, I couldn’t imagine painting my kids’ rooms any other color but pink or blue. What's more is they wanted pink and blue. Their choices were a medium blue and pink and these colors seemed to impact their growing years. Blue instilled confidence and the pink enhanced sensitivity and care.

A decade later, a baby’s room is not just pink or blue; it’s colorful and fun. What do you think of this?

The idea is to create happiness with color and a space where the parents and child would enjoy spending a lot of time together.  While the nursery is a place created with love and sentiment, I am wary of bright colors and patterns.  They tend to be over-stimulating and make the room look busy when calm and quiet is much needed at the best of times.

Patterns like chevron in subdued colors would transform the room like magic. This well coordinated baby room is endearing. Don't you love it?

A livable space is not just about being stimulating. It needs to be safe, happy, warm, comfortable and enjoyable. Can you imagine playing with your baby for hours here?

Here the accent of pastel yellow stripes against soft green walls is fresh and cheerful and the pops of blue, red and orange brighten up the room.  And these colors work well for a baby boy or girl.

Touches of red in this blue and white room energize a toddler’s room. An appealing place, don’t you think?

Take a look a the space below. I love the deep blue accent wall with the rest of the bluish white.  Hints of lilac, gray, shades of bluish green and brown lend charm to this small place.  Would you use these colors for your baby girl’s nursery?

Last year a friend picked bluish grey and white for her baby boy’s room. Subtle use of colors in the accessories livened the room. The thought here was to create a space which the family could enjoy through the child’s growing years.

Looks like the rooms below support this thinking. Depending on how fast our kids grow up, we could make basic changes like changing picture frames and accessories and replacing stuffed toys with books shelves. 


livable space for grwoing years 2.jpg

Colors stretch the imagination and permit bold experimentation. Take a look at the pic below. Would you pick black and white for your baby’s room?  If so, why would you make this choice?