Dubai's Colors of Hospitality

My tribute to Dubai continues.  A city espousing tourism for nearly two decades, it brings to life its tradition of hospitality in innovative ways to attract millions of visitors each year. The city’s efforts are unyielding; Dubai remains poised towards providing an extraordinary experience of immense warmth and comfort in the beauty of color and design.

This modern city’s attractions are its shopping malls and hotels. Each mall is a visual feat; a visit to one mall triggers the curiosity to visit the next. Colors are bold, warm and beckoning. 

While color and design could be understated in a few malls, one cannot fail to see the opulence. 

Whether the city celebrates festive seasons or milestones, its unique character is evident in the glitz of light and color.


There is never a dearth of hotels, restaurants and cafes in Dubai. Checking out a place is an important part of socializing or conducting business; a new joint is like a breath of fresh air. Whether it is the food or the ambience or both, any place holds its own through color and style.

Small, medium or large, huge effort and creativity go into making a place what it is. Every eating or shopping outlet offers a one-of-a-kind experience and one can’t help but marvel at the diversity of color, design and style. Here, the city is full of surprises.

Hatam, a popular Persian restaurant has many outlets in Dubai. The restaurant’s color and design either blends with the quiet ambience of a classic mall, or stands out in a busy food court or has it own presence in the area it is located. In spite of variations in appearance, a common palette of warm red, orange and creamy yellow set in dark wood creates the brand’s recognition.  


Again, consistency of color and design may not be typical of many hotel chains as well. Hotels tend to reflect the culture of the region. Take The Oberoi Al Zorah in Ajman’s natural setting. The property has spacious rooms and al fresco restaurants that exude a feeling of warmth and openness of the desert.

This luxurious hotel is elegant in neutral colors, subtle arabesque patterns and simple yet attractive lanterns.


On another note, The Royal Ascot in the heart of the city is eclectic in color and design. The classic exterior in light beige with black wrought iron balconies belies the regal hotel lobby in red and gold.

As the lobby area extends, floral patterns in green and orange emerge on a beige background.

Rooms have calming neutrals and orange with a dash of red. Set in dark brown wood, the palette is gold, orange, and red combined with neutrals attempting to tone the grandeur down.

In the midst, we see an all red wood restaurant. With striped orange seats fitted on oriental chairs and electric blue and red cylindrical lights thrown in, the space creates discordance leaving you feeling uneasy.

Dubai’s hospitality spells big, bold or beautiful. Its ambassadors are always ready to experiment and continue to offer an ending variety for us to pick whatever suits our senses.